Haydamak (haydamak) wrote,

There’s no time

What is the basic soldier’s treasure? It is definitely a spoon.
My granddad went through the WWII with his spoon and used it for the rest of his life.
Still in the lines, at the halt somewhere in Hungary, he scratched a phrase on it: “Good grub is best of funs”.

Other treasures include a watch. He had the watch of officer’s version granted for bravery under fire. Also survived and worn in the post-war period.
But not to the end of his life. After more than 40 years of service, it was broken. And I
participated in the mishap.

Granddad had a lot of strange but funny plays, jokes and phrases in his head based on country or military humor, sometimes being a medley of Ukrainian and Russian words.
Many of them I never heard anywhere else: “fistic plays with a grin on the face”, “Banqueting! – cried the devilkin and jumped on the Jeremy’s chin.”

His star turn was the following fancy trick: when you gave him a hand for salutation, he held it and seriously asked: “Do you have time?”
If you answered in the affirmative he did not let it go said “Then a shake is no crime” and started to shake it like hell.
If you wanted to stop it, you had to say: “I have no more time”. Then he let your palm go adding: “Time’s up, shakes clap” and looked satisfied.

Once, when we both were in playful mood, I was caught in the game with my “yes”, and he started his shaking work. After quite a while, I commented: “Let’s see who will last longer”.

It was utterly foolish, but granddad did not want to surrender and went on.
Granny entered the room and asked: “What’s the matter with you?”
Granddad only waved aside: he was a risky type of guy in cards or any contest.

No one knows how long could this silly battle last and who could win but the fate intervened: the watch unfastened from excessive shaking, left the old man’s wrist, landed on the ground and stopped.
The game discontinued. “Eh!” – repeated the granddad regretfully trying in vain to wind up the mechanism.

The endeavors to bring it back to life failed. The clock smith also washed his hands: the device is old – a spring broke, a part failed and there is nothing to be done. It was normal aging. Almost half a century of service, it’s no laughing matter.

“Haw” – granddad smiled ironically putting the watch in the remote drawer of the cupboard.
“There’s no time”.

And these words stuck in my head for some reason. I do not know how much presumptuous is this, but I think it was a gift of Fortune, God or Universe, call it as you choose, personally for me.
Idle pleasure seeking stops the time.

And the moment comes when I will need it badly. I will eat the dust and appeal to the Fate to grant me at least a year or a month. Or a week! At least an hour more!
And the Fate will declare: “There’s no time” and will write me off the inventory like that watch.

That is the whole story. I have no time to add anything to it.
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