Haydamak (haydamak) wrote,


Through the rickety scenery of the world stage, I see the light playing in all the facets. It bickers like a heavenly body, a host star, and lures me.
Its rays thrust through the holes; it shows through every detail of this world, be it majestic or trivial.

I often look at something and see through it. Feel the black wind.
And that has always been the case, as long as I can remember.
I was greatly amazed to find out (in very advancing age, by the way) that fewer than all people see and feel this star. And maybe they are not its children like me.

The older I become the brighter and more fascinating this star glimmers for me.
I can speak to a person and see Algol in his or her eyes.
I can look at palaces and havoc, life and death and see quite different things through them.

And the longer I live the more dependent on this glimmer I grow. It is more and more difficult for me to digress, to withdraw from hypnotic state, from the fascination of this oppressive, flagrant and beautiful star.

It seems to me that my death will be totally painless and imperceptible to me. I will be just gazing at this star, at the way it glimmers and lures me and just will not come back at a certain moment. Merge into it and become a glimmer myself.
My corpse will be found with wide-open eyes, where nothing will be reflected, and unaware of what has happened to me.
Tags: Проба пера

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